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010 - An Epidemic Without Warning

010 - An Epidemic Without Warning


After the commercial break, people throwing chairs!

Yes, the topic is old, but I loved the joke, so it was too hard to part with. I wrote it around the time I read this news post over on Ponyville Gazette.

As I read, these were my thoughts chronologically:

1. Wait, Jerry Springer is still on?

2. Wait, people still watch Jerry Springer?

3. Wait, there are people that care about what happens on Jerry Springer?

4. Hehe... Me like funny picture.

I haven’t watched the episode, clips of it, or whatever video responses there are to it. I still respect myself too much to put myself through that, but needless to say, if you ever find yourself on stage for Jerry Springer, chances are you effed up somewhere in life. You may not be at fault for whatever otherworldly topic they have you on for, but you still made the conscious decision to enter that isolated dimension of lunacy.

I guess my point in all this is that Friendship is Magic isn’t a gateway drug. You don’t start with magical horses and go from there; it’s just one possible path you might take as a creature of the net. The worst I ever experienced as an MLP fan in my personal life has been the occasional confused question, but most everyone who knows me also knows that I’ve been a fan of a vast plethora of cartoons far longer than ponies. It’s not weird, it’s just me.

Given, I try not to shove it down everyone’s throat.

I bid to you, adieu, kind reader,

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