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011 - Thinking Outside the App

011 - Thinking Outside the App


Hey, they can′t all be gems.

So what happens when we don't have a comic prepped? Apparently this! I literally slapped this together in two evenings after sleep-deprived inspiration one morning. I was hoping to just be able to say "Hey, that comic that I made before? Yeah, that's my game comic, and that is the game comic," but then a funny thing happened. I didn't stop playing the game. I could probably come up with two or three more game-related comics, but at the moment I'm still fighting that urge lest I niche myself into oblivion.

I'm actually slowly drifting from the game. Not enough to miss getting my Daily Bonus, but I'm checking it a lot less frequently. My excitement rose when the latest update brought the ability to "watch" ads in exchange for up to 10 gems a day, but that veneer quickly cracked as soon as I started getting "No Free Cash Available Now" messages. I was naive to think Gameloft would offer any convenient, consistent way to get gems, and my hopes of ever completing the game are again dashed. Perhaps it's for the best; I consider myself lucky to get one or two Magic Element shards a day, and I need 150 of them. My town is more purple Parasprite than land, building or horse. They've taken over, and it's against my best interests to stop them.

But hey, I bought Bejeweled just for the sake of this comic, so with any luck, I can kick one unhealthy obsession for another.

Now pardon me while I pass out for a week,

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