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012 - Follicly Impared

012 - Follicly Impared


Could a species that breathes fire be cold blooded?

Nothing particularly special going on here. No statements to make, no pointing out weird anachronisms to point out. Just a dragon, a mustache, and a question of biology.

Merch hunting has proved annoyingly fruitless the last month. I know not everyone is a fan of the Funrise stringy-haired plush line, but the 10" Walmart exclusive line is still pretty cute, while not being unlicensed knock-offs or uber-expensive fan-made versions, plus I kinda dig the whole "Hey, they got hair kinda like what the small ones have" thing they've got going on. I've been chasing Fluttershy for what's felt like an entire month, and even the two new blind bag sets popped up at one Walmart once, never to be seen again.

My biggest problem is that I'm not really a hardcore toy collector. I've played games all my life, and at least with games, you know the day it's going to be released because retailers are bound to the date. Even though I was able to narrowly snag the first Toys'R'Us run of Zecora, I really didn't feel comfortable calling the store twice weekly to see if they had them in yet.

What scares me is that there's no clear end in sight. Funrise already announced Rarity and Applejack, and there will be MLP plush coming to Build-a-Bear.

If there's any consolation, I still have a few months to decide whether or not I'm willing to wait outside a teddy bear-centric store some brisk Spring morning.

Peace out, y'all,

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