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013 - Twilbert: Teambuilding is Synergy

013 - Twilbert: Teambuilding is Synergy


Must... control... hoof of death...

Hey! Comic #13 officially denotes that we've survived one quarter of a year! Also, it's a baker's dozen because... Pinkie Pie... baking... number... comic... something. Sure.

I don't know why, but this was just an idea I had one day. It started as me realizing that the basic plot of the Winter Wrap Up episode WAS that Twilight had no useful skills here, and was, in turn, given the job where she could do the least amount of damage, which is one of the central tenants of Scott Adam's views on corporate structure.

I've been an avid Dilbert reader since middle school. My Dilbert-a-Day calendar sits comfortably next to my monitor, and I've read every one of Adams' business-centric books. It was important for me to get the style and the tone right, and thankfully the episode itself handed me some great fodder. I definitely want to keep Twilbert as an idea in the back of my mind to bring back around, but now that I've used up the one management joke I could think of, it might be a while.

At the very least, I'm going to try to recreate all the main characters in the style for a wallpaper or something.

And just for the record, Spikebert might be my favorite.

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