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003 - Rounded to the Nearest Mega-Fonzie

003 - Rounded to the Nearest Mega-Fonzie


I′m getting college credit for this, right?

I′m not seriously bothered by many things; however, one of the few exceptions is when words and phrases are overused, overblown, and are generally undeserving of popularization. For example, “It’s on like Donkey Kong.” Typing that alone simmers my bile, though still slightly less than the word “brony” (but let’s save that discussion for another week).

I don’t hate the joke, but people treat it as Dash’s defining joke. Maybe from some perspective it is, as she’s not a character of particular depth, but when we put it into context, it was a single line suggested once in the middle of Rarity’s song within Rarity’s episode. It’s a funny aside, just not “all merchandise featuring Rainbow must make use of this” funny.

Massive props to webmaster Shadi for putting a boot up the website’s hind to make it straighten up and fly right. No more duplicating template pages for us! Further props to sorta-co-writer Dr. Reef for the blog post title. Observant readers may also notice a lack of name on this week’s comic. In preparing for the release of Horse Power several weeks back, I decided to throw my hat into the art ring to see if I had the capacity to make this thing semi-weekly. Turns out I don’t and I can’t. Not to say I think my art is bad, but rather, I can’t produce it efficiently and reliably enough to justify doing it on a regular basis.

Finally, I do realize that Rainbow’s coolness in this situation must be a constant for the formula to be true, but I think she herself would agree that it has to be a constant, as if it were a variable, that would suggest there is a time in which she is not at maximum coolness.

Peace out!

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