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004 - Admittedly, Cloudsdale Is Pretty Clever

004 - Admittedly, Cloudsdale Is Pretty Clever


Nobody ever said Celestia was a benevolent ruler.

I could use this blog post to talk about how site director Nuckles87 hates puns with a seething passion, or how long time Emerald-Coastian Shigs enjoys writing them to the extent that images of Picard rendered in ASCII come to mind. I could use this post to contemplate the relationship between Celestia and her sister, or perhaps to reminisce on how all the cities in Darkwing and Ducktales were equally silly if not worse. But instead, I think I’ll just wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and remind you to be thankful you don’t live in Humanville or Sapiensburg.

I’ve been playing an absurd amount of Gameloft’s MLP game and grappling with the question of whether or not I actually like it. I despise Gameloft’s business plan surrounding the design of the game, I despise the economy of gems which makes EA’s early attempts at DLC look pro-consumer, and I despise the complete lack of progression the game offers. That said, it hasn’t stopped me from visiting my town every day and clicking all the floaty things to make the shiny things appear.

The positive response to the comics thus far have been really gratifying. We’ve received three e-mails thus far that we will likely read in episode 2 of the podcast, but I did want to share something especially awesome from one. If, by chance, you happen to be a Russian reader who prefers to get your Horse Power in your native tongue, one reader has taken it upon themself to translate our first two comics! You can check them out here:

See ya next week!

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