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006 - It′s Also About Things That Sparkle

006 - It′s Also About Things That Sparkle


I could make a Sweetie Bella joke. Be glad I didn′t.

So, some funny go-betweening for this one. Let us enjoy it in picture form:

Pinkie's Old Eyes

I'm absurdly picky with how Jet does pony eyes. Most of the time he's Captain Awesome and the Awesometeers, but on two occasions, it bothered me to the point where I went in and fixed the eyes myself. Above is the first time. The second time will probably pop up soon.

Sharing this comic with my support-writer Reef, he enjoyed the previous eyes, dubbing them her "serial killer eyes." To which Jet responded:

Murder Pie

Yeah, this is Murder Pie. According to Jet, she watches me as I sleep.

It's still less creepy than the IDW Comic #1 Subscriber Cover.

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