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002 - Black and White and Dash All Over

002 - Black and White and Dash All Over


"It′s because she′s a blonde, isn′t it?"

Let it be known that I′m not Derpy-crazy like the rest of the internet. I like her about as much as I enjoy any of the background characters (maybe a little more since she does have something iconic to her), but she′s been Boba Fetted out the wazoo. That said, the memes I latch onto and enjoy are few and far between. I don′t care who is "best pony," and I actively avoid all videos that involve dancing of any sort of "Style."

What I DO like, though, is the fact that a character′s whose entire M.O. is that of Where′s Waldo/Wally is comparably popular to the most popular main character. A quick search on WeLoveFine suggests that there′s over 60 Derpy products, plus the whole Funko vinyl figurine thing, Comicon, trading card promos, et cetera. For a character with less dialogue than Ferb, she′s doing pretty alright for herself.

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