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014 - Look Me Up

014 - Look Me Up


Rule #1: The Doctor lies. Around.

Hey, new Doctor Who in April! I should celebrate by finally watching the Christmas special I bought on iTunes weeks ago.

If the MLP producer’s rule is "ALL NAMES MUST BE PUNS!" then the fan rule is "ALL THINGS MUST HAVE NAMES!" Have you seen the Wikia list? It’s borderline insane, and not recommended for anyone with data use caps. I admit that my relationship with the larger Friendship is Magic fanbase is distant by choice, but too many of these are undeniably clever.

My personal favorites have to be Pinkie Pie’s sisters, brilliantly dubbed "Inkie Pie" and "Blinkie Pie."

The only downside to all this is when sources disagree. The obvious situation is Derpy (though it’s quite entertaining to see the different ways she’s included sans name, see also, her trading card), but even stuff like Bon Bon vs. Sweetie Drops or Vinyl Scratch vs. Pon-3 gets me wondering how Hasbro lets this go without setting some clear standards.

On the other hand, I’m perfectly fine if they’re willing to let the community name everything if we keep getting things like "Bill Neigh" and "Horse, M.D."

Also, hey! We gots some bonus art this week! Jet seems to be unable to not make art right now, and put together this alternate logo!


And remember, don't blink!

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