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018 - To Soothe the Savage Beast

018 - To Soothe the Savage Beast


The movie will contain a ballad about how Equestria Girls won′t summon ancient gods to harvest our flesh.

Directly after “Wonderbolt Academy” first aired, I became really excited. I missed a portion of the opening, and by the end, I was very curious if this was going to be a legitimate change for Rainbow Dash, if, rather than be part of the regular cast, they would have her stay at the academy to continue pursuing her dream. It would have been an impressive move to make that drastic a change in the character dynamics, especially for as popular a character as Rainbow Dash is. That said, when I rewatched it, I was a bit disappointed to hear the line “See you guys in a week” I had previously missed from the beginning.

I still stand by what I said previously, that Alicorn Twilight is concerning. However, it’s more concerning seeing people drastically overreact to it, or chastise those reacting at all. At the moment, I think the best response to take is simply wait-and-see. It’s a change for certain, but it’s also the MLP writing staff. The message I pulled from the season finale was, “Look, we know what we’re doing. We got this.” Considering the last sixty-something episodes, I feel like, at the very least, they’ve earned that level of trust, even if I don’t know the direction they’re going to take with it. But, honestly, half the fun I have with the show is them taking what I know and expect from my two-and-a-half decades of enjoying cartoons, and twisting it into something unexpected.

On a side note, iTunes says I've listened to "A True, True Friend" 142 times. This is not an exaggeration.

Peace all!

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