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023 - Animorphine

023 - Animorphine


The first step is denying you have a problem.

This may be the most personally accurate comic I’ve written. Let’s observe a few core truths here:

1. I like my anime dubbed. I’m a dub guy, or as some circles might call me, a heretic.
2. I will totally watch MLP in Japanese for as long as the internet makes it easy to do so.

Admittedly, the wait will be difficult considering the first two seasons spoiled me with their sultry 26 episode runs, but I have a decent path mapped out. I can sustain myself on Doctor Who until Teen Titans Go starts, which I’ll ride until May when the new volume of One Piece is released. Over the summer, I’ll catch up on the DVDs I bought and never finished while euphorically reminding myself that there will eventually be another season of Korra. Pretty fool-proof plan, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, after a few years of me recommending it, Reef (the coated chap who doubles as my best friend) finally discovered the joys of Phineas and Ferb. In some ways I can’t blame him for denying himself. I have a dire love of Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo, so who can really trust my tastes?

The whole MLP in Japan premiere comes hot on the heals of this tasty manga announcement. While I’m still skeptical that it will be what I’m hoping for (I.E. anything remotely close to the doujin EQD posted some months back here and here), I can’t help but feel stupidly giddy. The weird niche the IDW comics have dug for themselves is interesting, but the drastic inconsistency in style and tone have me yearning for something different.

Oh, and yeah, I totally cheated, I don’t know a lick of Japanese. If my various translation sites are accurate enough, Reef and I are singing “End of winter, end of winter!”

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