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028 - The Tawdry Gift of Life

028 - The Tawdry Gift of Life


I wanted Rainbow Dash to fly, so I filled her with bees.

By pure coincidence, I'm catsitting this week. Or at least I was. *shifty eyes*

In reality, I actually skipped the Build-a-Bear plush set. The outfits are actually pretty awesome (well, at least Rainbow's is), and I know Build-a-Bear makes quality plush (so sayeth my Hawaiian Hello Kitty), but for $25, I just don’t care for the design enough. Giving a plush realish-fake hair is a double-edged sword: It's too short to fit the design of the characters, but if it were any longer, their hair would be practically unmanageable.

There's odd discourse surrounding MLP plush, as far as I’ve seen. I still love the shaggy-haired Funrise 10" set, though their less-than-accurate hair and single-sided cutie marks haven't exactly drawn a lot of positive response. The 4th Dimension line looks as good as you could hope, if not a bit on the chunky side, but $25 is still a hard pill to swallow. For some reason, the lack of perfect hair or double-sided marks doesn't bother me, especially when the result has an interesting style, remains uber-cute, and is about half the price. The Aurora set should be shipping soon, and I've still got high hopes for that lot.

The response we got from Vaudevillains two weeks ago was astounding! Only a few people took advantage of the template, but it dominated the EQD comments and then some. It was also featured on Pun Pony's Tumblr, which led me to find out it is a thing, so neat, and thanks!

We gots two comics from readers based on the Vaudevillains template. First is from Dooplis1 and completely ali-corny, and then one from a Mr. RandomNPC that comes full-circle by the end of it.

Finally, be sure to support your local comic shop tomorrow and enjoy Free Comic Book Day! I know I’ll be at mine in the Pittsburgh area, teaching the Pokemon TCG and (hopefully) handing out some Horse Power pins!


Whichever company releases the first decent Spike plush wins.

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