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034 - The Other Tom

034 - The Other Tom


Jelly Foals just don’t sound as appetizing.

So, yeah, I think this comic pretty much defines everything that is Horse Power. A Doctor Who joke, a third panel reveal, weird fanisms, poking fun at Equestria Girls, a Tom joke, a certain reoccurring gag, a fourth panel in the notes, and to top it off, a guest artist! This week, the regular strip was by Yuki, a very good friend of mine I wrangled into artsing it up despite her general horse apathy. You can check out her stuff, or I guess stuff she just likes, on her Tumblr.


As someone who adores Spike in the series, my attitude towards dog-Spike is probably about on par with the rest of the internets. To quote a different horse, “No, sir, I don’t like it.” Spike already gets the short shrift when it comes to any choice Hasbro themselves make, but this is just digging a hole in the basement.

Spike has a reasonably established relationship with Twilight. He’s the assistant, yes, but the emotional connection he has to her is much more sisterly, or, one could legitimately argue, motherly. He plays a good straight man when Twilight’s going nuts, and a solid wacky commentator when Twilight’s being serious. It’s just… depressing to have him reduced to pet status. Perhaps it would be different if that’s how we were first introduced to him, a la Salem in Sabrina, but I don’t think dragon to puppy is any sort of lateral step. Earlier today, Tofutiles gave the reminder that it's just another instance of the fantastical becoming mundane in the horse-to-human transfer.

Equestria Girls will be out in theaters soon. Like really soon. But as much as I want to go see it if for no other reason than to hopefully invalidate my attitude, there aren’t any reasonably close theaters in my area. However, for fun, I’m hoping, hoping, that when it releases to iTunes, Reef, his fiancé Saber, and I can have the initial viewing together, then record a reaction podcast soon after. We’ll see how things go, but my aspirations are my aspirations.

A planet where horses evolved from men?

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