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035 - Pre-Educated Post-Opinion

035 - Pre-Educated Post-Opinion


20% more accurate than Metacritic.

Yeah, like the comic says, I won’t be seeing the movie in theaters. Yes, I know it’s been getting positive reviews; no, you don’t need to reassure me that it’s good in the comments. This is something I need to watch and decide on my own terms. On iTunes. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I had a good, depressing laugh this week after Equestria Daily released this “editorial.” If you’ve ever wondered why I don’t consider myself as part of the major pony fanbase, it’s that someone knew this needed to be said; I had to scold a couple of teenage girls at a Bleach premiere once. But either way, I decided to make an alternative suggestion in response:

The definative guide to not being a jerk.

Perhaps the most fun I had with this comic was making the fake movie posters. Not all of them are easily visible, so here they are unhindered. The first is definitely my favorite.

One of my favorite Cards Against Humanity cards I made was 'Michael Bay Presents Passion of the Christ.'

I'm still truckin' along with the iOS game. Probably longer than most people, but the balance updates have helped keep me in. The glitches, however, have gotten... interesting. Prior to the latest update, I fell victim to the whole can't-unlock-Luna bug and can't-access-friends-list glitch thing, which Gameloft took for freaking ever to resolve. But after the movie tie-in update, I noticed that Octavia had been moved to Canterlot, and I could build her a house there.

Then it let me invite her again.

We all talk to ourselves sometimes, don't we?

I decided she's a changeling, since pony doppelgangers are the parasprites of Canterlot, except that you can't banish this one to the Phantom Zone like the others. She's here to stay, and it looks like Octavia Prime doesn't seem to mind much. More the merrier, I suppose.

You can stay, but you better learn the cello and learn it quick.

Is this perhaps the first step in pony-changeling relations? Can they be productive members of society when without influence from their devious queen? Only time will tell.

What is a man but a miserable pile of secrets?

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