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046 - Sister Act 2: The Continuiting

046 - Sister Act 2: The Continuiting


Second Verse, Same as the First

If you don’t want to hit the archive, you can check out the original comic here!

Number of Horse Powers that feature drinking tea: 5

Speaking of tea, Horse Power humor liaison Reef (the dapper chap with the bow tie) has just released a book! The Quote Book: An Honest Portrayal of Useless People is nearly 200 pages of hilarious and baffling quotes taken out of context and collected over a decade. It’s only $8 and change over on Amazon right now, and it’s eligible for Prime! For Horse Power fans, I’m in the book! And for Horse Power non-fans that are reading this anyway, I’m not in it that often! Be awesome and buy a copy, won’t you?

(Try to be 18 or older first though. Horse Power is for all ages, this book isn’t.)

I think this is the first time a joke came to me while in the act of shopping. Right before Christmas, I was out at Toys ‘R’ Us picking up the final Funko figure I lacked, and I noticed that they decided to go with the “Sweetie Drops” moniker rather than Bon Bon. I honestly don’t care which name is “real” considering one toy’s name is censored with a pastry, but I’m not one to pass up making absurd leaps of logic based on a few petty similarities. And thus, the stripy-curled, pale furred “Sweeties” became another lie in this intricately woven tapestry of nonsense. It was only after the idea that I realized I did something like this before, and thus it became a sequel. A sequel to a comic I made over a year ago.

Some other firsts, I believe this may the first time I've legitimately drawn Rarity, and my first comic using an actual digital art tablet. I purchased a budget Wacom over the weekend, after attempting to ink the last comic on a capacitive tablet screen. I've never used a digital tablet for any extended time before, but I'm a bit amazed how quickly I'm adapting, I.E. the result wasn't a detestable puddle of pixels and shame. It might not bring normalcy back to the Horse Power schedule, but it makes releasing them at least a little bit easier.

If you haven’t caught Steven Universe yet, make sure you do! Aside from being one of the most charming shows of last year, it has a brutally fun art style and is exceptionally playful with the genres and subgenres you could sort it under (plus, one can certainly appreciate how it turns certain traditional adventure cartoon gender roles on their head without making a big deal about it). To put it another way, the last time I fell in love with a show this quickly, it involved unusually colored horses.

I play the theme song on loop in my head; it’s the only antidote I know to keep “The Cafeteria Song” from doing the same.

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