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052 - Bovestrian Revolution: Part 3

052 - Bovestrian Revolution: Part 3


Straddling the line of innuendo.

Now things are rolling; welcome to the intersection of naïveté and ambition. Despite the rising action, things are all downhill from here. I found it amusing that some people didn't get last week's. Thus, as a PSA, Iron Will is a minotaur, I.E. he's half-man, half-bull, and probably an eighth centaur on his mom's side.

So here’s a bit of intelligent planning: Let’s have the Canterlot Nights CCG expansion pre-release event on the same weekend as the show’s season finale and Mother’s Day.

On that note, three announcements:

First, I’m gonna be at the MLP CCG: Canterlot Nights pre-release event at Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD this Saturday (May 10) at 11 A.M. Word on the street is that it’s totally gonna be off the hook. If you see me, gimme a hey-diddly-ho. My hat will be gray and filled with pins. Filled to the brim, you could say lolroflomgwtfaeiouandsometimesy.

Author may be less reptilian than photo suggests.

Second, in spite of my disdain for social media, the project that is Horse Power has encouraged me to tolerate it to the point that I can look at a Facebook page without vomiting. So victory for those of you who use Tumblr, because I have started one of those for you to get comic updates and like and repost and comment and spread my gospel of bafflement. Hit it up over at

Finally, if you’re like me, you type fast enough that trying to key “emeraldcoastcomics” is more a chore than it need ought be. Fear not. After shrewd negotiations, I have purchased the domain from the sturdy grip of absolutely no one. Go forth, and type that new, easier URL to go straight here. Or just bookmark it and make my purchase absolutely meaningless. It’s just that convenient!

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